Home Scandals Man taunted for having S.e.x with an underage

Man taunted for having S.e.x with an underage


The incident, which happened in November after the young man allegedly had s.e.x with an underage girl, has left him unable to walk or sit properly.

The young man says he will have to undergo surgery to repair the damage done to his insides.

In a shocking attack, an 18-year-old was allegedly held hostage, beaten and had car oil forced up his backside with a beer bottle!


He has to wear a nappy because he cannot control his bowel movements and bleeds constantly.


He was arrested for statutory rape, while the father of the girl is still free despite having an assault charge pending against him.

When the SunTeam visited the boy’s family in Klipgat, North West, his uncles, aged 33 and 34, said they did not support what their nephew did, but it should have been handled differently.

The young man said he was left traumatised by the attack.

“I was repeatedly beaten with a hammer and had to be hospitalised for a week under police guard,” he claimed.

He said he was working at the house of the girl’s parents as a painter when he had s.e.x with her.

“She is the one who sent her younger sister to tell me she wanted us to kiss. I went to her and asked for water a few minutes later. She came on to me and we ended up having s.e.x in her father’s car,” he said.

He said the father found out a week later after a neighbour heard the girl talking about what had happened.

“I don’t know her age, but she doesn’t look like an underage girl. She is big and tall,” he said.

The young man is currently out on bail and he is due to appear in the Ga-Rankuwa Magistrates Court on the 26th.

Mabopane police spokeswoman Captain Rheineth Motlana said a case of r@pe against the 18-year-old and another for attempted murder against the girl’s father had been opened.

She said she had to speak to the investigating officer before she could comment further.

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