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Man Survived 7 Bullets In The Marakana Massacre

But a life of pain as a cripple is perhaps no better than being dead.“To this day I still live in fear of my life, because the cops who shot us are still roaming the streets.”


It’s a miracle that Mzoxolo is alive today.While his fellow miners were dying around him, he survived, despite of being struck by seven bullets.

Marikana survivor Mzoxolo Magidiwana (29) told Daily Sun he never thought he would be injured that day.

“We were just looking for a better life but we were met with pain.“It’s a day that turned me and some of my colleagues into cripples.”

Maxolo2Magidiwana was among the miners who were shot by cops at Marikana koppie on 16 August 2012.

“It was the day that shattered my life.”

He said he was a good looking young man with a nice body before he was shot, but now his body is losing shape.

Even his 4-5 was damaged and he is gaining weight.

“I take painkillers which make me want to eat all the time and that makes me gain weight,” he said.

He has requested gym equipment from Lonmin to try and keep fit but he said his request has fallen on deaf ears.To this day the incident still gives him nightmares.

“I saw my life flash before my eyes. I will never forget that day. It’s something we will live with forever.”

Magidiwana told Daily Sun what angers him most is that there has been no justice or even an apology for the injured and the fallen.

“All we get is pain, insults and empty promises. Our government has not shown any remorse for the murders at the koppie.

“I came to Joburg with the intention of making a better life for myself but all I have received is pain and sorrow, both from government and Lonmin.”

Magidiwana said he is thankful to Amcu for fighting for the minimum wage to be moved fromR3 500 to R10 000.

“I thank God for sparing my life. There are so many others who died from a single bullet.”

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