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Man finds wife’s male friend in underwear sitting next to her on matrimonial bed


A Chiweshe man Staymore Chambaruka was allegedly caught in Ashton Chimbenga’s bedroom seated with his boxer short next to Chimbenga’s wife in the wee hours of last Monday.

The accused was arraigned at Chief Makope’s village court in Bare Chiweshe on Sunday and pleaded not guilty.

The complaint alleges that he was tipped that his wife was cheating with Chambaruka and disguised a journey prompting his wife identified as Nety to drag his concubine in their bedroom.

Chimbenga returned home on the same day around midnight and found Chambaruka seated on his matrimonial bed wearing only a boxer short.

The wife begged for forgiveness from her husband who quickly gave in but wanted compensation from the accused, hence he approached Chief Makope.

Quizzed on his motive the accused told the court that he was a friend to Nety and had come for a chat only to be dragged in the bedroom.


Wife Caught

“Your worship indeed I was in the complainant’s bedroom but I had come for a chat with Nety since she is my long-time friend.

“She told me to feel at home hence I removed my trousers and sat with my short but nothing happened, it was just a chat,” revealed.

Makope sentenced the accused to two beasts “You do not chat with a married woman in her bedroom and above all without your pair of trousers therefore I find you guilty as charged.

“You are to pay two beasts in a period not exceeding two weeks from today