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From s.ex tapes to alleged fraudulent traits – A look into Malusi Gigaba dramatic life as he turns 50

Besides him being in one of SA’s top positions in the country, Malusi Gigaba has made quite a handful of headlines in his lifetime and not all were good. From his super chic style to his bedroom affairs being exposed, he’s definitely been around the sun and around again.

The one time when he got many talking was when he was accused of murder by his ex-girlfriend, and him showering Buhle Mkhize with luxurious gifts behind Norma’s back as they were still married. Quite a blow that no one saw coming and the time he claimed he feared for his life and he didn’t know who he could trust. However, his love life and in particular, his relationship with Norma Mngoma is what has seen him trending most of the time.

Malusi Gigaba Publicly Cheated With Instagram Model Buhle Mkhize
Malusi Gigaba Publicly Cheated With Instagram Model Buhle Mkhize

Malusi’s ex accused him of reportedly using women like tissue, and this had Gigaba into the news headlines again. She also added that Malusi’s ex-wife Norma was caught in the middle of all this.

Gigaba’s ex is the same woman who once claimed to be pregnant with his twins. She said she wanted to set the record straight and let everyone know that he cheated a lot during their relationship.Buhle-Mkhize

“Malusi took me to a traditional healer, and after a week, I lost my twins,” says the ex. She went on to say that she broke up with Malusi Gigaba when she had a miscarriage.

Gigaba laid it on the line after his ex-wife Norma went candid about Malusi’s association with the Gupta family, their legal battle and more. Do you remember what she said went on in that underground room?

However,Malusi was about to give his own version of events and he was more than ready to spill the beans.

Norma Gigaba’s interview was aired on eNCA. and Malusi Gigaba shared his side of the story and broke his silence on the AKA’s show. Building hype around this exclusive interview with Malusi Gigaba, AKA stated that the former minister is one of the sharpest minds he has ever interviewed.

Malusi Gigaba defends his s.e.x tape

Various scandals were currently plaguing the former minister and politician Malusi Gigaba. Among these, his sex tape was one of the most scandalous ever. Malusi and his wife became the talk of the town when a sex tape was leaked after Malusi’s cellphone was reportedly hacked.

The South African leading news channel eNCA secured an interview with Gigaba where Samkele Maseko was the interviewer. Just when viewers, Gigaba was going to deny everything, his response left many shook.

Just when Mzansi thought it was all over for Malusi Gigaba, Norma came out guns blazing with more files to expose Malusi. Norma testified against her ex-husband at the Zondo Commission on the eve of Freedom Day which was an insightful look into the lives and inner workings of some of South Africa’s ministers and government officials.

Malusi and Norma Gigaba

She dropped a bombshell stating that while living with Mlausi, the Guptas funded various aspects of the Gigaba’s lavish style supplying everything from a white 3 series BMW, a gold necklace for their firstborn son. She also revealed that she and her husband frequently received large sums of cash from the Gupta’s some of it was purely a gift while they also kept large amounts of cash in their home safe and Malusi told her it was money from Ajay Gupta meant to fund elections for the ANC


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