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LETS TALK ABOUT BEING GAY #iMatter… I am gay!”

No parent is ever prepared to hear this statement from their kid! Parents have big dreams for their children, with most imagining they will produce more generations.

What is homose-xuality?

Homose-xuality is the romantic, se-xual attraction or se-xual behaviour between members of the same s.e.x or gender.

How does it happen?

Homose-xuality exists across all cultures, even in the animal kingdom. Research shows that the causes could be genetic, hormonal, and social or influenced by culture.

Some prescribe it to traumatic childhood experiences of se-xual abuse. The fact is: being “gay or lesbian” is not a mental disorder!

Importance of “coming out”:

* Secrets are not good for you and your health

* Empowers you to be yourself by
accepting yourself

* You can be true to self and your true allies are revealed

* Social support

How to break prejudices:

Not all people choose to be gay! All cultures have their own values about what is sexually appropriate;.

Regardless of our beliefs, it is important to respect other people’s lifestyles as this empowers them to also take the necessary precautions with their lives.

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