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Latest On Nova: Vusi Nova Tested For Eye Permanent Damage

The star was meant to consult an eye specialist on Monday but cancelled the appointment at the last moment because he felt it had healed enough to not get treatment. Sadly, a day later his eye was once again swollen, impairing his vision and potentially derailing any plans to return to stage.

Award-winning musician Vusi Nova has faced another setback in his battle to recover from being abducted by hijackers last week, after an eye injury which was previously thought to be healed, once again flared up leaving him unable to see.

Vusi’s spokesperson Delphine Klassen told TshisaLIVE the star was now meeting with specialists to determine if there was any permanent damage.

“Vusi is still undergoing tests to see if there is any permanent damage to the eyes but he still cannot read much out of it at the moment,” Delphine said.

She said Vusi was trying to stay confident during his recovery but sometimes slipped into bouts of anger, directed at his attackers.

“We thought that he was coping well but he often gets angry over the hijacking. He is in that phase of dealing at the moment. The shock still hasn’t settled in. It was the humility that made more of a scar than the hijacking, the fact that he was stripped and humiliated in front of people.

“He goes through times when he says he is okay and then will say he will not go out at night. He doesn’t want to be alone but is pretending to be strong,” Delphine said.

The star was hijacked and abducted in the early hours of Friday morning outside his home in Melville, Johannesburg. He and a friend were both beaten by hijackers and abandoned.

Speaking to Sowetan about the ordeal, in which he was stripped and beaten, Vusi said his attackers threatened to cut off his genitals and forced him to sing for them.

“They instructed me to sing and I told them I didn’t have a voice. And then they slapped me,” he said.

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