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Lasizwe Dambuza cries during an interview about the death of his mother


Lasizwe, who was a guest on Trending SA told the panel of presenters that he was getting ready for his matric dance at the hair salon when his mother collapsed. He said his mother spent her last money to make sure he had the right suit and hair for the event.

“As the guy was cutting my hair, my mom who I could see in the mirror just collapsed. I was, ‘oh my word, my mom can’t do this, because this was not the first time she’d collapsed in front of me.’ So I ran to her, I tried to turn her body so I could give her CPR,” he said.


Although Lasizwe Dambuza makes a living out of entertaining people laugh with his parody videos, the vlogger struggled to fight back tears when he spoke about his mother’s death.


The 19-year-old explained that his mother was going through a rough patch at the time after being diagnosed with a heart problem and had stress.

Lasizwe added that in that moment all he could do was pray that the emergency services got there soon.

“I was just praying to God, saying can this people just come and resuscitate my mom and we’ll worry about the rest later. But nobody came, after 20 minutes of calling everyone… so luckily there was a dentist next door and he also tried the CPR then that was when the paramedics showed up.”

Lasizwe said after another 20 minutes, they were asked to move to another room and he was told his mother died, despite all efforts to save her.

At the time of his mother’s death, the young star was trying to break into the industry and that it was a bitter sweet moment that he’s made it in, because his mom never witnessed it.

Lasizwe got his big break in 2016 on Vuzu reality show, The Coalition which was followed by a show on MTV among other things.

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