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Kelly Khumalo Blasted By Senzo Meyiwa’s Father

The singer was speaking from the stage at Up Close and Personal With Kelly Khumalo in Joburg on Thursday night. She said Senzo had died protecting her from thugs that got into her house and demanded cash and cellphones.



 But the father of the murdered soccer star, Sam Meyiwa, is fuming!

“She won’t be arrested because it is clear the law cannot touch her. She must learn to stop talking about Senzo because everything she says is a lie,” he claimed.

She said she thought he was trying to protect her from the intruders but he had blood on his chest and back.

“That’s when I knew he had been shot,” she said.But Sam is not impressed by her version of what happened.

“One day Kelly and those who were in the house when my son died will die and answer to God,” claimed Sam.

“I have lost hope this case will be ever be solved. But what I know is my son didn’t kill himself. He was murdered.”

He added: “She has the guts to serve me with a letter from her lawyers demanding that I must stop mentioning her name. But that letter is just a piece of paper that won’t prevent me mentioning her name as long as she still mentions my son when promoting her work.”

He told the People’s Paper they are suffering, since Senzo was the only breadwinner.

“Kelly and her family are happy and can afford any food or clothes they want but my family is suffering.

“We can’t even afford the money for his unveiling, which was supposed to take place in October 2015. Senzo can’t be a good ancestor without the unveiling, but Kelly is out there having a nice life.”

He said Kelly knows exactly who killed Senzo.

“Kelly is a crook because she mentioned the wrong person to the police,” said Sam.Sam said it saddened his heart that Senzo, the captain of Bafana Bafana, had died like a dog.

He said he even went to sangomas to find out what happened but they had told him conflicting stories.

When Daily Sun called Kelly, she asked where the People’s Paper had got the number. The reporter replied that a source had given her number, but she just dropped the call.

Daily Sun called again.

“This call was not cut by mistake,” Kelly shouted before ending the call. “I hung up because I don’t appreciate a person who has my number when I don’t know where they got it from.”

Daily Sun sent her a message but she didn’t reply.

National SAPS spokesman Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo said he could not reveal to the public details of the singer’s formal statement.

“I can’t reveal what Kelly told the police in her formal statement as that could affect the investigation, which is still ongoing,” said Naidoo.

Senzo was shot and killed in Vosloorus, Ekurhuleni in October 2014.

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