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“I’m not in it for the money” hip-hop star Dales says

He was part of the hip hop group Jozi but is now making it big as a solo artist.He is known to his fans as Da L.E.S.


He has just released his third album, High Level, following the success of North God and Fresh 2 Def.“We had a positive energy in the studio,” he told SunBuzz.Leslie Mampe believes that hard work pays off.

The rapper has been making music for 10 years and still comes up with good stuff.

He worked with Gemini Major, Mash Beatz and Sunny Heights from New York on the album.

Leslie said: “My latest single is called Popular Demand.“I try to release music that is relevant and I am moving with the times.

“The single is about me maintaining my success, although my focus has changed completely.

“When I first got into the game, all I wanted was to be famous and wear expensive clothes.

“Now I am more focused on building a legacy for my kids.”Hip hop is growing in Mzansi and Leslie is using this opportunity to tell his story through his songs.

“I am letting people into my life with my music,” he said.“I am trying to give them a real picture of how hard I and my crew work every day.

“We spend most of our time in the studio.

“I can release an album now because I made a promise to myself to make music every day.”He started his High Levels tour on Friday and it will continue until 1 December.

He said next year looks like a great year for him as he will be launching his clothing label, North 94.

“I was one of the founders of Amakipkip,” he said.“I think fashion is an extension of how you feel.“What you wear has an impact on how you portray yourself.”

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