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He thought he was going to die, but then his makhwapheni arrived. “She told the men I was with her the night the rape took place,” Otsile told Daily Sun.

Otsile Mathibe (38) believes if it weren’t for his makhwapheni he would be dead today.

Otsile, from extension 5 in Khutsong, Carletonville, Gauteng, found himself face to face with a group of armed men accusing him of rape on Thursday.

“They were never going to believe me, but she convinced them.”

Otsile said his girlfriend of three months was visiting relatives in North West and he started seeing another woman.

He was returning from a shopping complex on Thursday when he saw a group of angry men approaching him.

“I didn’t know they were coming to attack me. I was wondering why they were chanting and carrying weapons.

“When I realised they were after me, I got frightened and ran away.”

Luckily for Otisle, his makhwapheni was at the mini shopping complex.She saw Otsile being chased and stepped in.

She told the men leading the chase that Otsile was with her the previous night at about 7pm when the rape was said to have taken place, which meant he could not have been responsible.

“My makhwapheni can testify in any court of law that I was with her when the rape happened,” he said.

He said he was hiding in a tree when the woman called to tell him the men had left.“Those people were not going to listen to me. My makhwapheni saved me.”

Speaking to Daily Sunthe makhwapheni confirmed she saved her boyfriend when she saw angry people baying for his blood.

“I pleaded with them with tears in my eyes.”

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