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I am just like any other woman – Caster Semenya sets the record straight


Olympic gold medallist, Caster Semenya has had enough of people coming for her womanhood and questioning her gender.

So, she has set the record straight once and for all.

In a rare and candid interview with Dr Ali Bacher on SuperSport, Caster opened up about everything she has had to endure since her rise to fame.

The superstar athlete said that all the negativity, the gender verification tests, and the jokes about her, have made her feel like the entire world had seen her stripped naked.

“I don’t understand when you say I have an advantage because I am a woman. When I pee, I pee like a woman. I don’t understand when you say I am a man or I have a deep voice,” she said on the show.

“How the hell can you change gender in the rural areas? I am a woman. We don’t have good doctors, we are not rich to do such procedures,” the runner continued.



“I know I like man’s stuff; that is not a question. The question is where do I fall in? I am a female; that is not a question, that is how I have been raised since I was young,” she said.

Caster also shed light on how the gender testing fiasco of 2009 affected her family.

“My mother was affected because she was the one who was changing my nappies when I was young,” she said.

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