Husband Caught Wife Bonking Gate Man On The Sofa

A CHEATING wife may have very different reasons she has been caught cheating when compared to a male partner who has. Those asking “Is my boyfriend cheating on me?” are more likely to find someone else made the first move – while women cheat due to a lack of attention

A new study has revealed the top reasons that women and men cheat on their partners, and the information is very revealing.

Men are more likely to cheat if they feel their current relationship is already over, whereas women are most likely to cheat if they aren’t being given enough attention by their partner, or if they are drunk.



Two-fifths of Britons who have cheated continued as though nothing had happened after being unfaithful, choosing not to come clean to their partner.

Women seemed to cheat for emotional reasons, whereas male attitudes to cheating stemmed from physical urges or more practical logic.

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