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Huawei wristband smart watch

Cursed with all-inclusive upshots, considering of coming by a fitness tracker but you’re on the gird for price apprehension and similar anterior. Here we have got a glad tiding for you. Huawei Wristband comes across all your commands more than your recommencements. This smartwatch is subdued with all those leading and mandatory attributes that you’re waiting for. 


Huawei Band 4 Wristband has sensational Body Size 56mm × 18.5mm × 12.5mm. The wrist strap width s 17mm and the wrist strap length is 123mm + 85mm. The wristband impeccably fits your cuff. Huawei Wristband is light in weight and easy to rasp. It drops no blemish on your wrist after usage. It is grabbed with Android 4.4 and IOS 9.0 operating system. It is furnished with miscellaneous sensors like a 3-axis acceleration sensor, Infrared wear sensor, and optical heart rate sensor. It has a 91mah battery with a charging time of 1.5 hours. Huawei Band 4 Wristband has 348KB RAM with 32MB flash. It has a 2.5D energetic touch screen with a home key and TFT colour display. It is integrated with a USB plug that complies general USB charger so that you can charge it anywhere, anytime. Thus it knocks out the restriction of chargers and cables. It carries Apollo 3 microprocessor. It keeps out 6 days of operation with 50 meters of water resistance under ISO standard 22810:2010. So you can fetch it with you during water activities like bathing and swimming.  Huawei Band 4 Wristband is achievable in different colours such as Sakura Pink, Amber Sunrise, and Graphite Black. It also comforts you to see how you’re executing your squash and sleeping suppression. 

Prime qualities:

Huawei Band 4 Wristband has 5 ATM water resistance, so it is suggested for all-day showering and even swimming. Yields you with 6 days of customary operations with a single charge. It is insubstantial and user-friendly. You can also enjoy stylish variable features such as smart heart rate tracking and oxygen saturation detection. Aids you mark the oxygen level in the blood. Also recognizes four phases of sleep and ensures excellent sleep. Besides you’re endowed with explicit data results regarding heart rate, heart rate zone, speed, distance, steps, calories, and many more. So you can encounter featured exercise and training. 

 General Analysis:

Huawei Band 4 Wristband is guarded with clear-cut excellence in occupied automation. You can achieve notification alerts. You can directly get notifications from your apps or mute them. You can carry off precise speed, distance, steps, calories, and even heart rate. You can also set up alarms for yourself by the use of a smart wake-up system. Less distraction for your better sleep can be ensured by the invisible light in the night mode. It can conveniently be pulled off during casual hand-washes, showers, or even swimming. No hassle of removing it again and again. It has another marked attribute that you can get notifications from your phone. But there’s a trouble with using this feature that the band itself doesn’t exhibit notifications. Sounds annoying, so you can turn this feature off. 

To sum up, Huawei band 4 wristbands is an unembellished gadget. It is plain and compatible. It is smoothly affordable. However, a few of its features are not seductive. Such as it has only 348 KB RAM and just 1MB storage space. But its performance is pretty good. The processor is influential too. It is a distinguished device. If you’re gazing for a handsome fitness tracker, Huawei Band 4 Wristband is the finest option you look at. Or if you desire to assemble your running or exercising record, you can surely think about Huawei Band 4 Wristband.  Huawei Band 4 Wristband aids you haunt a fine steady prolongation. 

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