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How to Make Him Cum Harder – And Explode Like a Super Volcano

Give him the hardest orgasm of his life by taking charge of the bedroom and milking him dry with this guide on how to make him cum harder.

If guys were honest about sex, nothing makes them happier than a girl who knows how to make him cum harder like it’s nobody’s business. After all, the orgasm is the thing they look forward to during sex. Well, not just the ordinary orgasm like the one that he gets from masturbating, but the kind that a really enthusiastic partner gives.

To address the elephant in the room, making a guy cum fast is pretty easy. Hell, it can happen to anyone at any time during foreplay that it has become a health problem called “premature ejaculation.


sexxy couple

The real challenge lies in making your man cum hard. You see ladies, male orgasms can be achieved in different levels. And the best one that a man has can only be given by a girl who knows the intricacies of her man’s sexual appetite.

If guys were honest, the best sex they could ever have is from a girl who does all the work. If you think about it, they go to lengths to make themselves last longer during sexual intercourse in order to “perform” for their partner.

So, ladies, if you want to give your man an orgasm he’ll never forget, give him a treat by letting him lie down and relax as you take charge.

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