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The school in KwaLanga kasi, Uitenhage, has 26 classrooms but almost all of them have broken windows and ceilings.

“HOW can our kids have a bright future going to this kak school!”

This is the question parents ask themselves every morning when they drop their kids off at James Ndulula Primary School.

Pupils often arrive in the morning to find used condoms scattered on the floors.The school’s fence has also been stolen and teachers and pupils often find fresh kak inside!

SGB chairman Masibongwe Douw (33) said the school’s 1 057 pupils had to deal with a stinking drain and flowing kak every day.

“Last Tuesday morning, we discovered the fence had been stolen. When teachers arrived in class, they found human waste on top of the desks.”

Masibongwe said pupils often poked their heads out of the windows and parents were scared they would cut themselves on the glass shards.

“We have no ceiling in many classrooms and we can’t use the storeroom because it’s filled with kak. We often find blankets in the classrooms and empty fried chicken boxes. It’s clear that people come here to eat, poke and leave kak behind.”

A teacher added: “Some of the teachers don’t even bring laptops or cellphones to school any more because thugs often storm in to snatch items.”

Education spokesman Malibongwe Mtima said the issue would be treated urgently.“We are going to investigate all the allegations made about James Ndulula School.

“I will visit the school myself this morning,” said Mtima.

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