FALLING in love has left Nomsa Radebe with scars she’ll have for the rest of her life . . .

Her new boyfriend’s jealous baby mama allegedly poured boiling water over her body, leading to her spending eight days in hospital!


The 26-year-old said after a month of dating her new man, she went to spend the night at his place in Vosloorus, Ekurhuleni, at the end of January.

But what was supposed to be a relaxed visit turned into a terrifying experience.

While Nomsa and her boyfriend were sleeping, the baby mama came knocking on the door the next morning.

Soon Nomsa’s boyfriend and his former lover were having a heated argument.

“The two were screaming at each other and I had to intervene,” she said.


“After I told the baby mama to keep it down, I left them and went back to bed. The next thing I felt was hot water being poured over my body.

“I want justice for what happened. The woman is still walking the streets.”

Vosloorus police confirmed that a case of assault was opened and investigations were continuing.