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Hacked to DEATH by a Group of THUGS

23 year old Tello Mphulenyana was returning home after a night out when a group of thugs armed with pangas attacked him.

Now his family is mourning. The 23-year-old from phase 6 in Mangaung was hacked to death on Sunday morning.

Tello was murdered by members of the Maroma gang, who kill anyone they bump into in the early hours of the morning.

Keitumetse Matjoa
Keitumetse Matjoa said the three armed thugs attacked her friend Tello Mphulenyana after he tripped and fell while they were running for their lives.

Thabonyana Mphulenyana (32), Tello’s brother, said: “I last saw my brother on Saturday night when he said he was going out with friends.

“I never dreamt such a horrible thing could happen to him.

“My instincts just told me something was wrong.

“Just after I had that feeling, one of his friends knocked on my door and told me my younger brother had been stabbed.

“When I heard people screaming, I went out to see where my brother was.

“I found him lying in a pool of blood with panga wounds all over his body.

“This incident has scarred me for life.

“I am going to miss him a lot because we shared so many memories together.

“The thugs who did this to him must be arrested.”

Keitumetse Matjoa (25), Tello’s friend, said: “We were walking back from a local tavern to our homes when three thugs just appeared from nowhere and told us to stand still.

“We all ran for our lives, but Tello tripped and fell.

“That’s when the thugs started hacking his face.

“We tried to scream for help, but no one came to help us.

“The thugs kept saying the morning belongs to them and they don’t expect anyone to roam the streets at that time.”

Police spokesman Constable Pieter Kareli confirmed the incident and said an investigation is underway.

Kareli said: “A case of murder has been opened.

“However, no arrests have been made yet.

“Anyone with information should contact CrimeStop on 08600 10111.”

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