S.E.X-TAPE STAR Faith Nketsi aka Queen Twerk stabbed in the face with a broken wine bottle – Pictures


The infamous Queen Twerk was reportedly stabbed in the face with a champagne bottle over the weekend.

ZAlebs reported today that Queen Twerk, real name Faith Nketsi, was allegedly involved in an altercation with an unknown individual during a night out in Jozi.

Faith Nketsi Stabbed in the Face

The horrific incident caused a stir on social media since it happened, with some of her fans feeling horrified on behalf of the socialite.

Faith has not as yet spoken out about the incident. She became famous when her s.e.x tape was leaked on the internet last year.

Faith Nketsi Stabbed in the Face

A snapchat video of Queen Twerk has surfaced where she is deliberately hiding her face.


Faith Nketsi Stabbed in the Face

In the video, Queen Twerk has bandages over her eye and hand.

Say what?! Someone cut Faith "Queen Twerk" Nketsi on the face with a bottle?! Details on the site #ZAlebsNews

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This is how her fans responded on twitter…







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