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Facts about condoms you didn’t know about


Facts about condoms you didn’t know about.Not everyone is an expect when it comes to relationships and having se.x.So here are some dos and don’ts when you are about to do it using c0nd0ms.


1.Latex condoms last an average of 5 years after the date of manufacture

2.Condoms are typically made from latex, polyurethane and lambskin

3.A c0nd0m can hold about 3.8 litres of liquid

 4.Change a condom every 30 minutes, friction weakens it.

5.When used correctly, c0nd0ms are 98% effective at preventing STI’S and unplanned pregnancies

6.When it comes to HIV, cond0ms make s.ex 10 000 times safer

7.The first rubber c0ndom was manufactured in 1855

8.There are more than 50 different names of c0nd0ms e.g raincoat, nightcap and lovesock.


Store in a cool dry place
use silicone or water-based lubricants
use a new condom every time you have s.ex

Use two condoms at once
expose to high heat
flush used condoms down the toilet