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Euphonik declines relationship offer from Skolopad


Euphonik decided to “politely” decline the offer from Skolopad to be his “other woman” and help him forget about Bonang‚ whom she called his “obsession

Look‚ I am perfectly happy and peaceful in my relationship. It’s very peaceful. We are happy and I don’t want stress. So‚ thank you‚ but no thanks‚” he said.

The DJ had Twitter in a tizz after he made comments about a person who apparently “takes drugs” and “cries wolf“. Skolopad offered to help him get over his ex‚ Bonang Matheba‚ after people assumed the tweet was about her.



As the DJ topped the Twitter trend list‚ Skolopad asked to be “hooked” up with Euphonik.

“Euphonik is a beautiful man. He looks like he’s the wild type too. I like that‚ I like him. I wouldn’t even mind sharing him with his main woman. Have you seen his muscles? I mean‚ I think I can also help him get over Bonang. The woman has moved on. Clearly he hasn’t‚ but I can help him‚” she said.