Controversial DJ, music producer, and radio presenter, Themba Nkosi a.ka Dj Euphonik has took to twitter to shame Bonang after rattling and uttering rubbish about Bonang’s drug abuse story.

It is no secret that Bonang and Euphonik have had a quite rocky public break up that made headlines and still it.

The house music DJ found himself on the trends list after he allegedly responded to Bonang’s book.

Bonang Matheba’s book From A to B that was recently launched in July is said to have featured the reason behind her split from her former BFF Somizi Mhlongo and that reason was none other than Euphonik.

Euphonik has dished some dirt on Bonang before about her drug use and other thing and he is doing it again on his recent tweet. “Let me take drugs. Cry wolf. Accuse and lie about some people. Believe my own lies. Wreck some homes, take more drugs then write a book” He wrote.

Euphonik didn’t directly refer to her by name but it is easy to point out that he is talking about her. Euphonik denied assaulting Bonang and called her a liar and it is no secret that Bonang’s relationship with her current boyfriend Kiernan Forbes earned her a lot of names including “homewrecker”.

The drug speculation surrounding Bonang Matheba is nothing new and she has shut those rumors down a lot of time. Speaking to Anele on Real Talk with Anele Euphonik mentioned that he has a lot of dirt on Bonang Matheba.

In an interview with Drum magazine in 2015, Bonang denied that she has a substance abuse problem. “If I was on drugs I would be late for work, interviews and shoots. You would have seen me with a runny nose and red or glossy eyes.”

The Queen has not yet responded to the tweet or the questions asked on twitter.

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