Dineo Ranaka admits she overdid being dramatic for the sake of entertainment


Dineo Ranaka is known as an outspoken and crazy character, but the reality TV star says that Dineo’s Diary is one of her biggest regrets and, at the same time, one of her proudest moments.

In an in-depth interview Dineo explained how she overdid being dramatic and admitted that it was a “stupid” media strategy.dineo

“Before, it was all about staying relevant. So what’s the best way to be relevant? Being dramatic, I thought,” she said.


The Dineo’s Diary star explained that she wasn’t being fake as she is naturally energetic and outspoken. But admits that she went overboard and now questions her “madness.”

“Dineo’s Diary is that one big moment in my life where I’m like: ‘What the heck was I thinking?’ I’m most proud of the show. But it’s also the one thing I criticise myself about the most. I question my madness,” Dineo said.

Dineo is preparing herself for a new era in her career as a chef. She has started the The Untrained Chef vlogs on Instagram and plans to see it grow into a cooking show.

She says that she has since learnt that entertainment doesn’t necessarily mean “crazy and stupid.”

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