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Boy (7) Killed In An Accident Driver Arrested

On the side of the road stood seven-year-old Siyabonga Khati with a packet of chips in his hands, dreaming big dreams about the future.


On the road, a driver was speeding through the neighbourhood on his way to a wedding.

But those dreams will come to nothing. The driver allegedly skipped a stop sign and his car slammed into the boy’s tiny body.

The horror accident happened on Saturday, a few metres from Siyabonga’s parents’ home in Small Farms, in the Vaal, south of Joburg.

Oumani Moni (43), his shocked father, told Daily Sun he heard tyres screeching.

“When residents went to see the accident, I also went out . . . only to find out I was rushing to my son’s helpless body,” said Oumani.

He said he asked the driver why he decided to carry Siyabonga from the scene instead of calling the police and an ambulance for help. “I didn’t get any answer but when I touched my son, I could see he was not breathing.”

The kid was rushed to a local clinic but didn’t start breathing again.

“Why was he speeding like that in a neighbourhood? There are children here,” said the father, in tears.

The family said they were struggling to buy groceries for the funeral.

Evaton police spokesman Captain Aubrey Moopeloa said a case of culpable homicide was opened but the driver was not arrested.

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