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Bonnie Mbuli speaks about Zodwa Wabantu’s P#UN@N! exposion behaviour


The TV personality said she wanted to hear other views on the topic because she was conflicted over it.

In the picture which was taken at the red carpet of the Feathers Awards, Zodwa wore a see-through emerald-green dress that had a thigh high slit without any underwear.


Bonnie Mbuli who prides herself in being a feminist has shared that she was left shook by Zodwa Wabantu’s lack of underwear, which recently led to pictures of her private parts going viral.


Some pictures that were taken on the red carpet exposed her vag!na as her dress often flew up.

Even though the presenter said she was open to all other views, the tweet attracted a lot of different views from both women and men who debated if Bonnie’s views infringed on Zodwa’s freedom of expression as a woman.

Bonnie went on to defend her statement, saying that her point was mainly based on how she feels “self regulation” within feminism is necessary.

Despite the ongoing debate that gained over 116 comments, Bonnie stood her ground saying the picture was up for public opinion because Zodwa put herself out there.

With that said, she agreed that whilst she was left shook by the photos, Zodwa has every right do what makes her happy.