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Black Panther lives up to expectations

Black Panther lives up to expectations

People all over Mzansi went to cinemas dressed in colourful traditional attire to celebrate what many called “a superhero for Africans”.It was Black Panther mania all over Mzansi at the weekend!

The film, based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, premiered at cinemas on Friday.It looked like Heritage Day had arrived seven months early.They wore traditional Sotho, Xhosa and Zulu attire.

For some, the film was an opportunity to watch a celebrated African superhero, and for others, it was all about celebrating the success of a mostly black cast.


The film is about T’Challa, the prince of Wakanda, a fictional technologically advanced kingdom in Africa.After T’Challa’s father, portrayed by legendary actor John Kani, dies, a powerful enemy appears and threatens T’Challa’s throne and the kingdom.

SunLanders took to social media to talk about what touched them the most about the movie.Blogger Khaya Dlanga, watched it on Friday, said it exceeded his expectations.“It’s a fun movie that goes from funny to poignant and painfully honest,” he said.

“It touched me in a profoundly personal manner.”He said there were spontaneous applause, laughter and people nodding in agreement.

“It made black people feel truly comfortable to behave in the blackest way possible. It warmed my heart.”Fabrice Beya said: “It contrasts two very interesting worldviews regarding our situation as Africans today.”

Namhla Mniki-Mangaliso said people screamed at the end of the film.“I went to Wakanda,” she told SunBuzz.“I saw visions of times past, times present, and times to come.“Things as they were, as they are and could be.”

“Maybe after I’ve gone back a second and third time, I’ll find a voice to explain why it’s such an important story.”

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