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BECOME AN UBER DRIVER TODAY R4500 – R8000 per month – APPLY…

We understand that you or your Driver is looking to be tested to make sure they are upto the high Uber Driver Standard.
In addition, Driverworks also offers training to make sure that you or your Driver is trained in all aspects of being a driver.
You can make your booking for the Tests you require below, please see the descriptions of the different tests and training offered below and make your selection on bookwhen.com/driverworks . All the directions/addresses and payment information is on the bookwhen.com/driverworks website.

Step 1

Book YOU or your Driver for exactly what they need on our bookwhen software, please go to the below link and schedule your booking:


Step 2

Make sure you have made all your payments upfront and have PROOF OF PAYMENT or have cash on the day to ensure that you or your driver will be able to continue through all the steps of becoming and Uber Driver.

All bookings and communications occur online.


Criminal Background Test

-Fingerprint test recorded under the EMPS criminal background check system. *130

Driver Evaluation

-The test is designed to ensure the DRIVER can drive safely and professionally while transporting passengers according to Uber standards. *R190

Please note that we provide vehicles to do this test so you are not required to come with your own vehicle.

You will complete both tests on the same day and results takes 48hrs-72hrs to be produced.
Please ensure the following:
  • 1) That you have created an Uber Profile
  • 2) That you have uploaded you Pdp
Please note, after completing your driver evaluation test and criminal background check you must attend certification/activation training with Uber.


Partner Driver Agreement The key to a successful relationship between yourself and your Driver is your agreement. The DriverWorks Partner Driver Agreement is an extensive agreement that protects both parties and identifies the roles each party has to fulfill. The Partner Driver Agreement is a tried and tested agreement that has evolved and improved over time to fit the Uber dynamic.


The above-mentioned services have produced some of the top Uber Drivers currently operating under the Uber system. DriverWorks has its own fleet of vehicles and therefore is at the cutting edge of new developments which are implemented into the training and testing program.

Source: Gumtree

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