Be brave enough to go bare faced and foundation-free Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys has many of us questioning wearing make-up since she has ditched the dreary routine

But to get away with being foundation-free, beautiful and flawless skin is a must.

How to achieve it?

We asked Face of Pond’s Celeste Khumalo how she keeps her skin so delightfully fresh.

Her beauty role models just happen to be Keys and Beyoncé.

“I love that Alicia Keys has gone bare faced and owned it. The way Beyoncé plays with her looks from fierce to natural in no time is alluring,” says Khumalo.

She says keeping it natural is the key to beautiful skin.

But plenty of water, exercise, enough sleep and a balanced diet is how she maintains her glow.

alicia keys

She says becoming the face of the brand means that she can’t live without its products, hence she uses it to wash, tone and moisturise twice a day.

“Less is more and limited sun is what I go by,” says Celeste.

According to Elle magazine, Keys’ skin routine involves:

A jade roller to tighten skin and increase blood circulation.

Cucumber pulp on the face to draw heat out of the skin and bring blood to the top.

Jojoba oil which is so close to the skin’s own sebum.

Face cleansing masks

If she has to wear make-up she wears very little – and enhances her natural freckles.

She is also a fan of self-tanning anti-age serums.

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