Big Brother Mzansi 2022

#Bbmzansi: Thato begs for tlof tlof from Norman and Themba

The aftermath of Saturday Night Party always comes drama or funny moments that we can’t help to talk about. Some of the Housemates turned wild after the hot vibes from MR. Jazziq, which most likely disorganised the systems that controls the l!bido. Thato is one of the housemates who’s always lively on the party and usually noticed by her signature moves.

We first spotted Thato briefly cozied up in the closet, k!ssing Themba after which Biggie’s cameras took another directions.Thato1

Moments later, we saw Thato together with Yoli peeping at BU and Venus who were making headlines of the week before Themba dispersed them. All these must have triggered too much blood flow in both Thato and Yoli’s punanis.

On the other Hand, Thato Jumped into the bed close to Norman and she tried to have him taste her bearded meat, but Norman played (ignored her) dead however much she tried to turn him around and tapping at his cheeks.

Yoli went to Gash1 with hope of receiving some drilling from the reining HoH, but to her surprise, things didn’t work out.

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