Big Brother Mzansi 2022

#BBMzansi – Mixed Feelings Over First Diary Session

The housemates’ Revelations in the diary session proved that there are emotions running basing on the stories the housemates have shared with each other.

Prior to this, Biggie was determined to set the tone for this season by having the Housemates bond and get to know each other.

We have seen, heard and felt the vulnerable moments in the House and we empathise with them. The Housemates are proof that we all carry a lot on our shoulders in the real world but having the courage to share their stories on television is truly commendable.

However, Biggie’s vibe check with this Diary Session gave us some interesting and varied opinions. They range from those who think the House is coming together and bonding over their shared experiences to those who believe some are not being totally honest. Any way, Back to the diary session, we now know that Tulz, Nale, and Themba feel like some Housemates are beginning to unravel their true selves with minor inconveniences. Nale is not looking forward to borrowing a shower gel from any Housemate as the game progresses.

On the other hand, Terry is slowly coming around to realising that some of the Housemates like QV are multi-layered and find it difficult to open up. However, Thato is convinced that the House is now united almost echoing Yoli’s famous, “One House” chant from the first night. She is of the mind that there’s a level of genuineness that’s shining through in the House. When it comes to Dinkybliss and Thato, they have their eyes set out on BBMzansi men. Although they do not want to share all the details about their crushes, we’re excited to see them fetching their life in this game.

When Biggie asked about their new HoH, we think they gave an impressive review of their leadership by raving about his people skills. Zino and Mphowadimo are seemingly inspired to live up to the tone that Tulz is setting for the House in maintaining a sense of order. We are excited for the first HoH in Biggie’s House and hope his reign is as exciting and inspiring to the other Housemates as they continue to battle it out in their Games Arena.

That said, the musings from this Diary Room are set to continue with more interesting revelations for the remaining nine Housemates. We can’t wait to hear it all.

In Other News – #BigBrotherMzansi shower hour has Mzansi talking – Video

In the trending video, Acacia, is seen as she walked into the bathroom completely n@ked to have her bath. She’s currently viral in South Africa and in Nigeria.BIG BORTHER

Her fellow female housemates all wore bikinis to have their bath at the large bathroom. Surprisingly, none of the male housemates went completely n@ked...learn more

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