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Babes Wodumo Has Dumped her new PR Company in Less Than a Mothn

Music sensation, Babes Wodumo has, after less than a month, dumped her new PR company, African Star Communications.

African Star is owned and run by pr to the stars, Farah Fortune.

The company made the announcement to the media yesterday, much to everyone’s shock.

Read the full statement below:

African Star Communications would like to notify the media and public that we will no longer be representing the Babes Wodumo brand.

African Star Communications has always had a company policy of not representing record labels in their entirety but rather individual artists.


babes Wodumo

We deem it unethical to represent a record label, when we speak on behalf of a number of artists under different stables.

The decision comes as Babes Wodumos’ label and management company, West Ink have chosen to use one PR agency to represent all their artists.

We were approached by the label to handle their PR as well as their clients, however due to our company policy on record labels & the fact that we only take on a approx. 10 celeb clients at a time, we are unable to accommodate further.

We have appreciated the opportunity to work on the Babes Wodumo brand for the past month and wish Babes success in all her future endeavours.

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