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Anne Nhira Addresses Zodwa Wabantu ‘Event Ban’ Backlash


Taking to Facebook the SA based actress said she was not targeting Zodwa, but a common practice.


Zimbabwean actress Anne Nhira has come out strongly to defend herself against the public backlash over a letter of complaint she sent to the Zim government, which apparently resulted in Zodwa Wabantu being banned from an upcoming event.

“What I spoke against is not an individual but a practice which doesn’t sit well with me. I however respect the fact that for their entertainment some would want to see Zodwa perform which again you can equally lobby for,” she wrote.

Anne said she did not have malicious intentions and was standing up for something she felt strongly about.

“All this was not inspired by malice but a standpoint which probably resonates with many though they may not be as vocal. For example if we can have Zodwa performing for God knows how much, why not have Gonyeti or Bev perform for the same amount?” she wrote.

The actress said she chose Zodwa’s scheduled performance at the Harare International Carnival to drive a point across and made it clear that she would not delete or close her social media accounts despite the backlash.

“While some question the logic behind having one performer stopped, it goes without saying that you can’t have wholesome advocacy. I had to pick one to get the message across,” she wrote.

Anne also asked Zimbabweans to unite behind a course for “common good”.

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