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A Wild Haverst Of Mangoshas 44 In One Night


According to Daily Monitor, people had been complaining to cops about the increasing number of sex workers in Abayita Ababiri, a town near Entebbe, south of Kampala.

A PUBLIC outcry about the number of sex workers operating in a Ugandan town has led to the mass arrest of 44 in one night.

The Daily Monitor said that many of the women “unleashed vulgar words at them to the extent of offering them sex as long as the cops were willing to pay”.

At 11.30pm on 13 July, cops swooped on the streets, rounding up women who they suspected of being on the prowl.

It would appear their strategy didn’t work since they subsequently appeared in Entebbe Grade One Magistrates Court. Forty-three of them pleaded guilty to being a public nuisance and were sentenced to three months imprisonment or a fine of Shs 150 000 (about R560).

During sentencing, magistrate Mastulah Mulondo is reported to have said: “Your behaviour does not depict you as mothers of the nation. I advise you to seek counselling and rehabilitation from NGOs that have helped other women to quit prostitution.”

The court room was packed with relatives of the 43 on trial, who paid the women’s fines.

The only woman to deny the charge, Faridah Nansubuga, will remain in Kigo Prison until 18 August, when her case will be heard.