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Young woman commits suicide by jumping off a 23-storey building

A young woman commits suicide by jumping off a 23-storey building. Another horrible suicide rocked the Joburg city centre yesterday! This time a woman...

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What Zimbabweans think about the upcoming elections

The main contenders for the presidency are current president Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa of ZANU-PF and Nelson Chamisa of the opposition MDC. Groundup asked Zimbabweans...
Nelson Chamisa

MDC Alliance President Chamisa says we won’t boycott Zim polls

MDC Alliance leader Advocate Nelson Chamisa has ordained himself the victor in the pending 2018 polls. Chamisa, however, maintained his rhetoric on ZEC’s failure to...

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M25 coach crash

M25 coach crash injures 41

Dozens of passengers have been taken to hospital - three with serious injuries - after the coach they were travelling in overturned on the...

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I’m always horny & have spontaneous orgasms: What’s wrong with me?

Q. What is persistent genital arousal disorder, and how can it be treated? A. Persistent genital arousal disorder is an unrelenting, unwanted, intrusive, and spontaneous s.e.xual sensation. It...

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Ginimbi Sankayi night club billboard pulled down

SOCIALITE and businessman, Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure is having to work on a ‘toned down’ billboard for his Sankayi night club after authorities pulled it...