Zuma was elected President coz they was no one else willing – JUJU. EFF leader Julius Malema claimed that President Jacob Zuma was only elected president of the ANC because no one else was willing to stand up against then president Thabo Mbeki.

“In the absence of the best, he became the best,” Malema said to loud claps and cheers from the crowd. “That’s how he became President.”


Malema was answering questions at the Daily Maverick Gathering in Midrand, Johannesburg, about why he said he would kill for Zuma and what caused the fallout between the two of them.

Malema defended his decision at the time to support Zuma, by saying it was because of his loyalty to the Constitution which Mbeki was willing to compromise. He said he never meant it literally when he said he would kill for Zuma, and to this day did not regret supporting him.

“I supported Zuma and I still don’t regret supporting him to be president of the ANC against Mbeki.” They all went under the table and then this one [Zuma], this one said he can challenge Mbeki and for opportunistic reasons

“Not because Mbeki was a bad president. He was going to compromise the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa because he wanted to go for a third term as the president of the ANC… and the possibility of such was that he was going to amend the Constitution of the republic to give him a third term.

“So my loyalty has always been with the Constitution of South Africa more than with political parties and individuals,” Malema explained. “This was why the ANC had to replace Mbeki,” he claimed.

Malema says the party then started looking at who could challenge Mbeki.

“…They all went under the table and then this one (Zuma), this one said he can challenge Mbeki and for opportunistic reasons. Because one, the man knew he was going to jail so he has nothing to lose. But if he becomes the president he has more to gain. So he weighed his options…Then he said I’m here to challenge Mbeki.”

Mbeki fired Zuma as deputy president of the country in 2005 after he was implicated in the corruption trial of his former financial advisor Schabir Shaik.

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