Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema says President Jacob Zuma is the reason the EFF could not enter into a coalition with the African National Congress

Malema told reporters in Alexandra that during coalition negotiations‚ representatives of the ANC had shown that they had absolutely no control of what would happen to Zuma.


jacob-zuma“It is not that they don’t agree the damage that Zuma has done to the brand the ANC. South Africa is not about an individual called Zuma. You are saying that we are obsessed with Zuma. Let me tell you‚ the damage that that guy is costing us is too much…I am not going to be part of a deal which seeks to collapse South Africa.

“The Guptas have captured this country. It is not a joke. There is no institution in South Africa‚ state-owned companies. There is no department in South Africa where the Guptas do not have their person‚ on their payroll‚” said Malema.

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