Yay! We have found a pic of Zizo’s baby bump!

If there’s one thing we love seeing here at ZAlebs, it’s definitely celebrity baby bumps!


Umhlobo Wenene radio personality Zizo Beda, aka Mrs Tshwete, is one celebrity who is known for having a strict hold on her private life, leaving little to nothing for the media or the general public to see.

Remember how she and her husband pulled a fast one on us when they unexpectedly got married on a Friday? Who gets married on a Friday?

In September 2015, the news of Zizo’s pregnancy broke out into the media, and although Zizo was tight-lipped about her first pregnancy, she could no longer hide her bump when pictures of her circulated around social media during her wedding.

However, since she got married to her beau Mayihlome Tshwete, we haven’t seen a lot of pictures of her circulating, especially considering that her baby bump is growing bigger by the day.

But luckily enough, Zizo cannot hide from us forever!

Brenda Ngxoli, who recently had an interview with Zizo on Umhlobo Wenene, posted this picture of the new mommy to be, and let’s just say Zizo looks cuter than ever.

Now we patiently wait for her delivery date.

Could she be carrying a boy or a girl? Only time will tell.

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