World LARGEST SNAKE KILLED In Egypt Red Sea — photos

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A Giant Snake has been killed by a professional team of elite Egyptian scientists and qualified divers in the Red Sea.

It was said to have been found in the Red Sea that killed 320 tourists and 125 Egyptian divers.

Names of scientists who participated in the process of catching the huge snake were:

D. Karim Mohammed, d. Mohammed Sharif, d. Mr. Sea, d. Mahmoud students, d. Mazen Al-Rashidi.

And the names of divers who participated in the process of catching the huge snake were:

Ahmed leader, Abdullah Karim, fisherman Knight, Wael Mohammed, Mohammed Haridi, spears Alvajuma, Mahmoud Shafik, a full-Sharif.

The Snake body has been transferred to in the Egypt morgue at Sharm El Sheikh international animal.

world's biggest snake

10 comments on “World LARGEST SNAKE KILLED In Egypt Red Sea — photos

  1. on said:

    Poor reporting. What is the size and weight of the snake ? What facts makes the world s largest snake ?

  2. David Muchechetere on said:

    take a look at higher-resolution images, where it becomes apparent that the truck and soldiers are simply toys:

  3. Okey Osaji on said:

    This is really gorry. The size of this snake is frightening. What is the size, weight, length of the snake?

  4. Michael on said:

    The size of this huge giant snake length is,(43 meters long)and (6 wide body size)(Age is 103 years old)…True information ^google that^.

  5. dhotun on said:

    this was in 2012………

  6. on said:

    how long was it this fierce snake

  7. del on said:

    What a load of rubbish, people have no brains if this is to be believed……the photographs have not been very well photo shopped!

  8. Johnso on said:

    Why should it be the work of scientists and divers to kill snakes?

  9. Mwah on said:

    Bloody liars playing with pple’s minds.

  10. florence on said:

    This is simply unbelievable

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