A LOCAL government worker was being tormented by the sound of cats in her dreams.

And on Saturday the situation got even worse when she found a coffin-shaped shoe box on her doorstep with muthi, a cross, a kitten, a cup and panties inside.


The 48-year-old from Bhisho told Daily Sun: “I have been battling to sleep for the whole month because I have been hearing funny cat sounds close to my bedroom window.”

She said her 15-year-old daughter found a box on her doorstep and she immediately consulted a sangoma.

“He opened the box with a spade. There was a cat wrapped in muthi and a piece of cloth, a dirty cup, a cross and dirty underwear. The kitten was alive but the sangoma burned the whole box with the kitten inside and buried its ashes in the yard.”

The worried woman believes her colleagues and neighbours were jealous of her.

“Since I came to this area over 16 years ago, people have been questioning how I can afford my house. When I consulted sangomas, I was told people didn’t like me because I didn’t have friends in the area.

“Some of the people at work are trying hard to have me retrenched but it hasn’t worked.”

Sangoma Tatu Dlamini said the box was supposed to be buried to symbolise the woman’s death.

“The cat that was wrapped in muthi would have killed one of them if they had touched it. The underwear and the cup was meant to break up her marriage,” he said

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