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Eunice Sohaba said that Bafana was a good and loving man when they were poor, but things changed when he got some money.

“He told me he was working on projects and I believed him.


“But then my 13-year-old daughter came and told me he was with a nyatsi,” she said.

Eunice Sohaba (43) from Protea Glen in Soweto said she cannot believe what her husband, Bafana Sohaba (46), did to her.

Bafana was a cop and he took early retirement, but he told Eunice he was still working.

“I was a fool to think he was on duty when he came home late at night,” Eunice said.

“He used to bring a woman to the house, telling me she was his colleague.”

Eunice said after her husband received his retirement money he bought two houses and two cars, leaving her and the kids hungry.

Eunice Sohaba

She eventually became suspicious because every time she did the washing, some of his clothes would be gone.

“When my daughter told me what she had seen it was confirmation of what I suspected.”

She said when she confronted her husband he said he was leaving her because she was disrespectful to his mother.

“I have never fought with my mamazala. When he stopped sleeping at home I took the matter to his parents, but they just laughed at me,” she said.

Bafana said that he left Eunice because she was lazy and loved his money, not him.

“She was not at home most of the time. I didn’t want to wear dirty clothes while she spent time chatting with her neighbours.”

He said he took his clothes and all his tools from the garage to his nyatsi’s place and moved out.

Bafana added that he was happy with his new woman and was supporting his kids back at home.

“I have filed for a divorce and I have moved on with my life,” he said.


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