HE LONGS for a settled life with a woman to love and care for.

But Jabulani has only known unhappiness in love and claims all his girlfriends were gold-diggers.


Jabulani Vilane (32), from Lawley, south of Joburg said he’s unlucky in love because he grew up without his parents.

 The sad man said women are only interested in his money.

“I’ve had five lovers in my life and they all looked in my pockets rather than in my heart. I have lots of love to give but they didn’t see that.”

Jabulani VilaneJabulani said his first relationship with a beautiful woman failed when she asked him to build a house for her parents at a village in the Eastern Cape.

“I don’t have a house of my own but live in a one-roomed shack, yet she made demands.”He said she’d want to see his payslips.

Jabulani was single for a long time before he found another beautiful girlfriend.

“However, she kept asking me to take her to expensive restaurants where I couldn’t afford the food.”He said he never knew his mother.

“And my father left me in 1996 when I was just 12 years old,” he said.Jabulani works as a security guard but said he finds it hard to keep jobs.

“I want my parents to come back to perform rituals so I can prosper in life.”

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