According to, twin+baby+feet’s disappeared when he learnt that his pregnant wife was carrying their third pair of twins.

Ruth, 34, says she had her first set of twins who are girls, Goodness and Goodnews, in 2009.


The second set, John and Joyce, arrived two years later.

However, when her husband learnt that her third pregnancy would also be another set of twins, he fled their home to an unknown location.

She delivered her third set of twins, Daniel and Daniella in June.

Ruth says the financial burden is too much for her. Her salary as a private school teacher in Lagos can no longer sustain her huge family.

She says that she had not wanted the third pregnancy. The traditional method of family planning, of counting fertile and infertile days, that she used, had failed her.

“Since I gave birth to the children, I have tried calling my husband but he would not answer, once he knew that it was me. I contacted his mother and other relatives to tell them that he has run away. They promised that they will call back… none of them has called me.”

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