SHE is tall, dark and beautiful!

But 24-year-old Lebo Nemassiwana from Protea Glen Extension 2, Soweto, believes her beauty has given her more headaches than joy.


She said men always tell her how beautiful she is and hit on her.

This is driving her crazy and has led to some admirers going as far as abusing her.

Lebo, a cleaner at a company in Midrand, said recently a male colleague beat her up when she rejected his advances.

“I was tired of him always hitting on me and I told him that I was at the company to make money, not have men hitting on me.”

lebo-nemassiwanaShe said the man did not take kindly to her rejection.

“He started to stalk me and followed me everywhere I went. He sent me hurtful and threatening messages and said I would pay for my actions.

“One day I told him that I was going to report him to the police. He went mad and beat me up. He then took my phone, which had all the threatening messages, and destroyed it.”

Lebo, who is in a relationship, opened a case of assault at Midrand Police Station.

“I cannot go to work because he is still there. I am now jobless because of the natural beauty that God gave me.

“I have nothing to do and want to return to work.”

Lebo said she wants the man to be arrested for beating her up and to pay for the phone he destroyed.

Midrand police spokeswoman, Constable Tlamela Matome, confirmed that police are investigating a case of assault but said no one has been arrested yet.

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