WhatsApp Update – School Children Playing Demonic Game Charlie Charlie. There is a WhatsApp message that has been going around… It reads:

To all Parents, guardians and learners. This is extremely important.

I have received a letter from a school today encouraging parents to speak to there children about the Demonic Game Charlie Charlie they are playing on the schools nowadays.

A grade 4 boy fainted while playing this game and his pencil started spinning. When he woke up the pencil was still spinning.

Then I received a Whatsapp message of an incident that took place in Tafelsig Mitchells Plain today regarding this Demonic Game Charlie Charlie. Some boys placed two pens across each other and called out Charlie Charlie. The pens started to spin by itself and stopped by pointing at one boy. This boy just started to bleed from his head profusely. The condition of the boy is still unknown.

According to our Ulama and experts in Jinn, its a demon (very dangerous jinn) from Mexico moving around schools inciting youngsters to play this game in order to harm them. This could even result in their death. Plz inform as many as you can.

Pls refrain your children from playing the new game called “charlie charlie”, the children plays the game with rulers and pencils at school. As I’m watching check point on etv now it is a satanic calling. It’s confirmed after playing this game children goes into a fit, faints, withdraws them self from other then commits suicide. A 15 year old boy in Durban commited suicide after playing this game at school. Pls send this message to all your contacts to alert them. This is so serious the Devil wants to steal, destroy, kill our kids..pls, pls forward.

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