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AKA has opened up about what fatherhood has taught him.

AKA has revealed that her daughter has taught her to be more patient.


Speaking to Anele Mdoda on947 Drive, the rapper said: “It taught me that I need to grow up… I just think that it made me grow up more, in terms of knowing that when I say something, or when I do something, there are repercussions not just for me, but repercussions for my daughter and her ability to go to a really super nice school or have super nice toys… It also taught me to be patient, I need more patience.

Daddy and Kairo wishing you a blessed Sunday 👑🎀

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While he’s been learning a lot from being a father, the rapper would also love to share some lessons with Kairo.

When asked what he’d like to teach her, he said: “I think it would be, believe in yourself. And I know it’s corny, I know it’s cliche, but that really is what got me to where I am in my life. You have to have absolute conviction in your dreams, in yourself, in what you’re doing…”


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