There are quite a few self-proclaimed fashionistas out there. Some get it right and some, well, don’t.

But one lady who has consistently impressed us with her dress sense and ability to be trendy is socialite and businesswoman Uyanda Mbuli.


Whether she’s rocking a cocktail dress or a funky jean-to-jean outfit, Uyanda always seems to get it right, and so effortlessly too.

For a woman who travels a lot, Uyanda sure knows how to dress for the ever-changing weather circumstances she finds herself in.

Chinchilla coats for those European cold nights



When out in Europe, Uyanda always makes sure she steps out not only warm, but stylish too, with a bit of pizzazz and class. Here, Uyanda poses in a chinchilla coat, black dress, and some very interesting flat shoes.

We’re so used to seeing Ms Mbuli in heels that we marvelled at her flat red shoes and the very interesting camera purse. Although we’re not too crazy about the shades, Uyanda definitely made the look work.

Poolside poses

uyanda mbuli


punk rock


game on


simple yet elegant

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