Commercial s#x workers in Nairobi have changed tactics and are now reportedly using juju to lure and retain customers, either as regulars or long term poking partners.

Apparently, they now visit medicine men to guarantee them a stream of customers. According to Martha a call girl based at Fameland Bar in the capital, looks alone are not enough one needs the ‘juju’ to be able to retain a free flow of clients.


Commercial s#x workers have evolved and are now reportedly using ‘juju'(Charms) to lure and retain customers. Martha reveals that after ‘servicing’ a client, they don’t throw away the used C’D, but hide and take it to a witchdoctor within twelve hours.


In Mlolongo which is 14 kilometers away from the city, a worker at one of the lodgings who spoke to us on condition of anonymity said:

It’s not a secret that a number of women nowadays use ‘kamuti’ (black magic) to lure drivers and turn boys. Sometimes we find shocking things when cleaning the rooms. Not long ago, we found a dried chameleon stuffed in a mattress

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