In a case of human trafficking gone wrong, 15 suspected Somalians have died in a containerised truck on the pedicle road.

The Truck registered AFB 496 from Kasama was carrying over 50 somalians suspected to be trafficked from Tanzania.The Truck that was carrying bags of beans in front but had Somalians hidden behind.Apparently passers by are said to have forced the driver to open the truck when they head noises coming from the truck.


At the scene, 20km from Levy Mwanawasa Bridge in Chembe, bodies were found strewn on the ground and over 30 survivors narrated that the were transfered from another truck and were picked from Kasama but the new truck had no ventilation which made their colleagues suffocate to death.The driver is detained by Police on the Congo side.Cases of human trafficking are on the rise with sophisticated rings involved.

Somalis human trafficSomalis human traffic

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