Video accuses Zim Prophet Magaya of using “Satanic Powers”. We are not sure what this is all about but a war is brewing between PHD Ministries leader and the Apostolic Churches in Zimbabwe. This video is more than an ATTACK, its video evidence that the so called prophet is actually using super natural powers!!

PHD whistle-blowers (Baba Jukwa vekwaMagaya) , Madhiri A Magaya have released a video, which they claim shows proof, that Magaya is friends with the AntiChrist. The video,amongst other things, shows how Prophet Magaya uses the same ‘satanic’ hand signals that singers and other members of the ‘illuminati‘ use as a sign of recognition  and allegiance .


What say you, could he (Magaya) be a Satanist, or these are just disgruntled mudslingers.. is this Illuminati thing for real even?


-Zinews 24


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