On The Vampire Diaries, Matthew Davis plays Alaric Saltzman, a character who is so unlucky when it comes to matters of the heart that whenever he meets anyone new on the show, fans immediately voice concern for her safety. Not only has Ric died numerous times on the hit CW series, but the poor guy has a list of ex lovers so long we’re pretty shocked he hasn’t denounced dating altogether.



His ill-fated romances include Jo, his wonderful fiancee whose sociopathic brother killed her at the altar; Jenna, his lovely girlfriend who was turned into a vampire, then promptly staked by Klaus during a sacrificial ritual; Isobel — his beloved wife who left him for the chance to become a creature of the night and sleep with his future best friend — who ultimately lit herself on fire while under Klaus’ compulsion; Meredith, the experimental doctor who eventually moved to Alaska and married a pediatrician; and Caroline, his former history student who, through magical surrogacy, gave birth to his and Jo’s unborn twin daughters, the last living descendants of the Gemini coven.

Thankfully, Matt’s relationships fare much better in real life seeing as how he’s now engaged to his gorgeous girlfriend, Brittany Sharp! The actor proposed to his partner in joy, a former Miss Georgia USA who won the title in 2013, during a trip to Italy in June 2016. While the couple marveled at Michelangelo’s intricate ceiling art at the Sistine Chapel, Matt found another way to take his sweetheart’s breath away — by whipping out a blue Tiffany’s box containing an elegant ring and asking her to be his wife.

Vampire Diaries

Most recently, the duo took to social media to express gratitude to everyone who joined them at Bite Bistro & bar in Alpharetta, GA to celebrate this special occasion. “We woke up feeling extremely grateful this morning. Such a special night celebrating our love surrounded by the most amazing family & friends on the planet,” Brittany captioned the image below. “@sandylincoln07 You & Ash man threw one hell of an engagement party. Matt & I can’t thank you enough

On that note, congratulations to the beautiful couple on their engagement. We wish them all the love and happiness in the world and can’t wait for those wedding bells to ring!

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