The president took some time off his busy schedule and Gupta accusations to unwind with his family this time for Easter.

Soon after delivering a speech encouraging Christians to pray for South Africa, the president is said to have made way to his homestead in Nkandla. Jacob Zuma was in a Easter mood and dressed up as a Easter Bunny an his homestead in Nkandla. The president is said to have performed the Easter Egg hunt with his family and close friends.


A close source to the family who refused to be named said ,’Jacob was in a good mood and summoned all the grandchildren to come to Nkandla this weekend. We thought it was just a Easter weekend breakfast like every other year but we were in for a surprise this time around’

Jacob Zuma is said to have made a grand entrance complete with Easter songs and full easter bunny regalia. He also carried a basket full of easter eggs which he gave to the bewildered guests. “We had a good time and forgot about all our problems’ One grandchild said before adding , ‘Utata is the coolest bunny’ referring to Jacob Zuma.

It was a refreshing event and soon after breakfast, all the kids participated in a Easter hunt search with Jacob Zuma said to have hidden the eggs himself. ‘He went all out’ a family friend said. Soon after the egg hunt, friends and family enjoyed some lunch and braai before calling it a day.

The president is said to have spent the rest of the day doing president things.

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